Knowing GILC

The very name of the organization is self-explaining. GILC looks forward to dealing with the complexly webbed problems that constraint developing nations and works collectively for the solutions. The long-standing issues which haunt most of the developing countries are social inequality, climate change, deforestation, gender discrimination, ever on the rise youth unemployment, malnutrition, etc.
GILC works under a framework which tries to harp on the current bothering issues and come up with a solution. If the present problematic factors are seen from Bangladesh perspective, it can be easily concluded that it is the job for the youth who are now the majority population in the country to reshape the future of the nation by fighting valiantly against all the factors. And GILC tries to target these youths and provide them a guideline to work for the overall betterment and emancipation of the nation. The youths are the future policymakers, administrators, judiciary holders, political spearheads, professionals, business magnets, educators or welfare workers.
Therefore, GILC intends to work with such a vast number of people and assist them in developing certain skill sets which will help them accomplish wonders for the country. The people working laboriously under the organization firmly believe that the youths and the youngsters need to accouter themselves with qualities that will help them in developing themselves and let them flourish with flying colors in their respective areas of interest. GILC also seconds that it is significant to culture the quality of leadership among the young minds. The organization gives its heart out in helping these young people, coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds to communicate effectively, solve complex real-world problems, build strong relationships and networks, think out of the box and be trustworthy. These skills will go a long way to nurture future leaders from amongst the people belonging to the age class from 10 to 30. GILC also arranges workshops, seminars, competitions in order to capture the brightest of idea-generators and think tanks.

Gilc's Areas of work

English Education


Cross Culture

Professional Development

Girl Empowerment

Youth Leadership

STEAM Education Development

Peace & PVE

GILC's Impact!

1000 +
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