#1. You can do the work if you have __ patience.

#2. What is the full form of corona virus?

#3. What is the name of the vehicle made by the NASA which is working to find the sign of life on Mars?

#4. Identify the correct antonym of the bold marked word--> He is in deep sleep.

#5. It is a common sight to see youngsters ----- junk food.

#6. Automobile Company Rolls Royce is actually owned by -

#7. Catalonia is an autonomous region of which of the following country?

#8. Select the odd one out.

#9. My boss wants the work ------ before long.

#10. What is the plural of the word Belief

#11. Identify the correct suffix to the word Captivate.


#13. Jack's mind was attuned _______ music.

#14. I left my campsite and hiked south for 3 miles. Then I turned east and hiked for 3 miles. I then turned north and hiked for 3 miles, at which time I came upon a bear inside my tent eating my food. What color was the bear?

#15. If you were given the chance to make policies, how will you make policies to reduce carbon emission through technological support?