#1. Italy is ___ European country.

#2. Find out the adjective form of 'Despair'.

#3. The word 'Virus' has its origin in which of the following languages?

#4. Which gas is used in fire extinguishers?

#5. Identify the correct antonym. --> The mist engulfed the ship.

#6. Boys like ----- football.

#7. How many states of matter are there?

#8. James Bond is a ________ spy character from MI6.

#9. What is the name of the tallest tower in the world?

#10. Which of the following document of Bangladesh is called the supreme law of the land?

#11. What is the name of the autobiography of Malala Yousufzai?

#12. I have a face and two hands, but no arms or legs. What am I?

#13. In a three-storey building, there is a red chair, red bed, red computer, red flowers, red table, red carpet - everything around is red in color. What is the color of the staircase?

#14. Select the odd one out.

#15. What is Swiss Bank?

#16. How can solar energy play a role in creating Smart Cities? Can you build Dhaka into a Smart City? (Answer should be in 100 words)