ILPE Brief

International Leadership Program on Education is a one-of-a-kind initiative to engage students at a national level from all parts of the country and help them test their acumen in problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills and become an effective and knowledgeable human being who is adept in English as well as in ICT. This year, in the third installment of ILPE, the program is aiming to pinpoint the hidden potential of the students by including theoretical and practical apparatus of learning. This program, on the one hand, will measure English proficiency along with the problem-solving capacity of a student and will determine ICT skills with application on the other. To proper reiteration of the above-mentioned goal, the sessions and tests are organized in a unique way.

Briefly speaking, the total number of students will be categorized into four categories. Each of the levels of students has to go through two rounds with different objectives to be obtained. Regardless of the different levels of difficulty, tests of each level will be able to cross-check their overall competency in the following aspects- reading, speaking, listening, and writing of English, ICT, and digital literacy accompanied by the tasks that will twist their brains to come up with constructive ideas to various scenarios and problems. Also, the participants will be inspired to learn new ways of gaining knowledge with the help of workshops that will be taken online. Such a nationwide knowledge and network sharing event will certainly be a constructive way to spend the tedious lockdown days.

Who can apply?

Newbies (Grades 3-5)

Beginners (Grades 6-8)

Advanced Learners (Grades 9-10)

Aces (Grades 11-12)

Practice Quiz for ILPE

Get an Idea about ILPE’s Quiz format for the Preliminary Round

Program Outline

1. Newbies

Round 1 MCQ Test- on Basic English Proficiency and Basic Computer Operations, Written Test- Basic English Proficiency & Creative writing on Basic Computer Operations

2. Beginners

Round 1 MCQ Test- on Basic English Proficiency and ICT, Written Test- Basic English Proficiency & ICT-related Case Solving

3. Advanced Learners

Round 1 Written- English Proficiency, ICT-related Case Solving & Creative Writing

4. Aces

Round 1 Written- English Proficiency, ICT-related Case Solving & Critical Writing

Final Round for all Categories

The top 120 Students from the Preliminary round will get the opportunity for intensive leadership training in Bangladesh. A mock test will happen on the program and the top 20 will go to the next round.

International Round

International Leadership Exchange Program at Vietnam 2023) : Top 16 from Final Round will get the chance to visit Vietnam on the Exchange program and participate International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership 2023.

**Conditions Applied
  • The top 20 from Final Round will get the opportunity to become the International Youth Leader of 2022. He or she will be considered the Alumni of GILC and will get the opportunities to join different national and International Conferences, Exchange programs, grants, mentoring, and many more

Program Outline

  • Top 20 Participants from 4 Categories will get an exclusive Award and Certificate from GEIST International Foundation
  • All Participants will get certificates & Gifts
  • Learning outcomes for Students
  • English Language Skill
  • ICT Skill
  • Creative Skill
  • Problem Solving Skill
  • Critical thinking Skill
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Communication Skill
  • Creative Design Skill
  • Changemaking Skill
  • Leadership Skill
  • All participants will get the opportunity to become the general member of GEIST on a 50% Scholarship.
  • Top 120 from Bangladesh will get the opportunity to participate in the Intensive leadership training Program in Bangladesh conducted by different renowned organizations & Universities. * Top 16 from Bangladesh will get the scholarship to participate in the Leadership Exchange Program at Vietnam 2023 out of which the first 8 will get 100% scholarship and the rest 8 will get 50%.
  • Program authority will bear all the logistic support, training fee, and light refreshment throughout the program.
  • For the Intensive program authority will arrange food and accommodation but the participant will have to reach the venue at his/her own cost.
  • For the International visit, GILC will bear the international registration fee, food, accommodation, and ground transportation fee but will not cover the passport & VISA fee. International airfare will be covered based on sponsorship availability.

How to register?

Step 1

Pay your registration fee. BKash Number: +01771250193 (Personal)  or use the following QR Code.

Registration fee: BDT 200 + BDT 10 (Bkash Fee) = BDT 210.

BDT 210 is the total registration fee.

Step 2

Fill in the following registration form:

Step 3

Collect your Admit Card or Confirmation Mail

Step 4

Join the Preliminary round