Welcome to your Demo Quiz on International Leadership Program on Education (Advanced Learners) V3.0

The questions for the Preliminary Round of ILPE will be in some ways similar to these questions. Besides, you are asked to focus on these following issues when preparing for the Preliminary Round of ILPE:

English Grammar such as Tense, Verb, Vocabularies, Prepositions, Articles, Conjugation of Verbs, etc.

General Knowledge such as Latest National and International Updates, Common Sense, General Science based questions.

Critical Thinking such as Puzzles, Brainteasers, Select the odd one out, etc.

Technology related questions such as latest innovations and inventions.

And two to three open ended compositions.


Best of Luck.


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The king is likely to marry ____ heiress.

Bixby is a terminology affiliated with which of the following technology company?

Find out the adjective form of the word 'color'.

Jeff Bezos once was the richest man on the planet. What's the name of his workplace?

Identify the correct antonym for the bold marked word --> The management of the school has closed all admissions.

She felt an insect _______ around.

How many states of matter are there?

James Bond is a ________ spy character from MI6.

What is the full form of IMF?

Which of the following document of Bangladesh is called the supreme law of the land?

On seeing the police, the thief ran away. --> What kind of sentence is this?

I have a face and two hands, but no arms or legs. What am I?

In a three-storey building, there is a red chair, red bed, red computer, red flowers, red table, red carpet - everything around is red in color. What is the color of the staircase?

Select the odd one out.

What is Swiss Bank?

How can solar energy play a role in creating Smart Cities? Can you build Dhaka into a Smart City? (Answer should be in 100 words)

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